Viscose tops for felting

Beautifully glossy viscose tops for felting, available in over 15 colours and various weight options.

viscose tops for felting roving
Viscose roving / tops over 45 glossy colours
how to use viscose roving
How to use viscose tops / roving for felting





What is Viscose Fibre?

Viscose is a plant (cellulose) fibre extruded from a viscous solution of regenerated wood pulp. Sometimes referred to as artificial silk or wood silk – a man made fibre made from cellulose sourced from sustainable forests, and therefore – not synthetic. Production and dyeing techniques vary in different countries so not all viscose has the same properties and may vary in micron and lustre.  Having no scales , barbs or notches means the viscose fibres or rovings will not felt on their own. Viscose fibre felts and spins beautifully when combined with wool fibre.

At 19-20 micron, our viscose roving is especially compatible with extra fine 19 micron merino for decorative use.  The staple length is a minimum of 65mm and the roving weighs approximately 25gm / metre. We stock DHG viscose, made in Germany and dyed in Italy.  The dyehouse carries the GOTS certification, so it is complies with Global Organic Textile Standards.  Safe for  use for babies and children as in-house dyeing complies with Oeko-tex specifications. After dyeing, combing of the fibre produces a much softer and easier to use fibre than other viscose from places like Bulgaria and Russia.

Benefits of Viscose tops for feltingviscose tops for felting

  • No static when drafting the fibre
  • Reinforces very thin wool layouts
  • Makes felt more elastic and improves drapeability
  • Helps reduce pilling when added to the surface of felt
  • Adds lustre and sheen to felt
  • A little goes a long way
  • Can be dyed with dyes suited to cellulose fibres e.g. Fibre Reactive dyes
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Highly absorbent
  • Inexpensive
  • Substitute for silk roving / tops
  • Vegan and Eco friendly

For an insight into the production of viscose fibre (known as rayon in the USA), see this video from Kelheim Fibres, Germany.