Viscose fibre

Beautifully glossy viscose fibre available in over 45 colours. Various weight options, bundles and exclusive  Uniblends – a 50/50 blend of 19 micron merino and viscose roving.

viscose roving colour range
Viscose roving / tops over 45 glossy colours
viscose roving bundles
Viscose roving bundles multiple options
Wool and viscose blend
Wool / Viscose blends 50/50 – Uniblends
how to use viscose roving
How to use viscose tops / roving for felting





What is Viscose Fibre?

Viscose is a plant (cellulose) fibre extruded from a viscous solution of regenerated wood pulp. Sometimes referred to as artificial silk or wood silk, a man made natural fibre – not synthetic. Production and dyeing techniques vary in different countries so not all viscose has the same properties and may vary in micron and lustre. Having no scales , barbs or notches means the viscose fibres or rovings will not felt on their own. Viscose fibre felts and spins beautifully when combined with wool fibre.

At 19-20 micron, our viscose roving is especially compatible with extra fine 19 micron merino for decorative use.  The staple length is a minimum of 65mm and the roving weighs approximately 25gm / metre. We stock DHG viscose  which carries the GOTS certification, so it is complies with Global Organic Textile Standards.  Safe for  use for babies and children as in-house dyeing complies with Oeko-tex specifications. After dyeing, combing of the fibre produces a much softer and easier to use fibre than some other viscose brands.

Benefits of Viscose for feltingvegan fibre from wood - viscose

  • No static when drafting the fibre
  • Reinforces very thin wool layouts
  • Makes felt more elastic, impoving drapeability
  • Helps reduce pilling when added to the surface of felt
  • Adds lustre and sheen to felt
  • A little goes a long way
  • Can be dyed with dyes suited to cellulose fibres e.g. Fibre Reactive dyes
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Highly absorbent
  • Inexpensive
  • Substitute for silk roving / tops
  • Vegan and Eco friendly