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An indispensable felting tool, this water sprinkler for felting speeds up the process of wetting out wool and fibre layouts. Easy to use, the ball brauser has fine holes in the spout head for even distribution of your felting solution. Easy to use, the pump has a capacity of around 200ml. They measure around about 9 cm in diameter and 18 cm in height.

To use, squeeze the bulb of the ball brauser to expel any air. While still compressing the bulb, place the spout in your felting solution. Releasing  pressure on the ball allow drawing up of the liquid. Removing the sprinkler and squeezing the bulb, results in a fine shower of droplets over your work. Numerous holes in the head allow for the even distribution of water or soap solution onto your work. For large pieces of work, having a ball brauser in each hand speeds up the process of wetting out. This felting tool is especially handy when working on big projects and comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Care of your water sprinkler

Containing no harmful substances and made from quality PVC, the sprinkler can withstand heavy use. The bulb will detach from the metal spout for easy cleaning if required, but usually a rinse in clean water is sufficient. Leave upside down to dry out to avoid any possibility of rust. To avoid the possibility of rust forming in the long term, it is best to not leave the spout in water for any length of time.

Ball Brausers are more commonly used for watering Bonsai plants and seedlings. Due to their shape, the other name for this water sprinkler for felting is a felting pear. Besides being easy to use, they are also suitable for children and not necessarily for felting!
These pumps for wet felting are also available in green and yellow.

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