Viscose roving – Any 20 colours




Viscose roving 20 colours –  ≈20 gm (0.7oz) of any colour, total – 400 gm (14.1 oz);  or 50gm ((1.8oz), total of 1kg (35.3oz).  Please email your 20 colour choices to [email protected] when ordering. Viscose roving is a wonderful addition to your next felting, spinning, textile art or mixed media adventure!

Made from wood pulp, viscose is a plant fibre and being cellulose dyes well with fibre reactive and natural dyes. Sometimes referred to as artificial silk, viscose fibres can be used in the same way as silk roving. While being significantly cheaper, the fibre also has no static, so layout is easier than silk roving. Characteristics of our viscose fibre is a thickness of 19-20 micron which makes it very compatible with our extra-fine wool roving.

The minimum staple length is 65mm (2.5 in) and weigh around 25gm / metre. Unlike wool fibre, Viscose fibres will not felt on their own as they have no scales. In felting, laying viscose over the entire surface of the wool adds a wonderful lustre, strengthens the felt and reduces pilling. Lay the roving in fine shingles, or in long thin strands to achieve different textural and shiny effects. A little of this fibre, goes a long way. Viscose fibre has endless uses in felting, spinning, paper making, textile art.  The roving comes from Dyeing House Gallery in Italy. who dye the fibre in house to Oeko-Tex safety standards. As well as being non-toxic, the process complies with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Set of viscose roving in 20 colours – select from our range of +45 colours. Colours may vary depending on the monitor settings of your device.


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