Cotton Scrim – Seafoam




Seafoam – a mottled turquoise cotton scrim,  +/-85cm wide with a very loose weave, this hand dyed scrim / muslin / gauze  is available in pre-cut lengths of  1/2 m, 1 m, 2.5 and 4.5 metres.
Ideal for nuno felting projects, fabric sculpture and textile manipulation techniques.  Tear, cut scrumple and stretch this extremely lightweight and very open weave cotton fabric.  Easily manipulated in a multitude of ways, bunched, pulled apart, layered or flat. Wonderful for nuno-felting with our 19 micron wool rovings.  Use this fabric to create texture in machine and hand stitching, trapping and weaving. Stiffen with fabric stiffener to create structural projects. Layering and collaging different coloured gauze produces amazing depth and variation in colours.

This turquoise cotton scrim weighs around 15gm/m – a Grade 10 Cheesecloth with a thread count of 20 x 12 threads per square inch. Wash in cold water. Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot guarantee colourfastness of these fabrics.  Slight colour bleed occasionally occurs on dark colours, so if critical to your project, pre-washing of the fabric recommended.

Made in India from 100% cotton, up to 10% shrinkage occurs after dyeing. Longer pre-cut lengths of 2.5 metres are suitable for nuno felting scarves, wraps and garments. Also great as a base fabric to add strength to felting projects.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

50cm, 1 metre, 2.5 metres, 4.5 metres


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