Reverse felting needle 40G – Fine – from 2pcs


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40 gauge fine reverse felting needle, triangular with 2 barbs on each edge – Sometimes referred to as inverted needles,  a reverse barb felting needle works in the opposite way to normal felting needles. The barbs on a reverse needle go in the opposite direction to a regular needle, pulling fibres out rather than  compacting them. Useful for pulling fine wisps of fibre to the surface to create a fluffy surface or to reveal the colour of the fibre below. Available in 2 sizes – Fine 40 gauge and Medium 36 gauge and 3.0 inches (7.62cm) long. The higher the number, the finer the needle.  Triangular steel felting needles with 6 reverse barbs, manufactured to European specifications.

All felting needles are sharp, so handle with care. Work on a foam or padded surface to avoid damage to surfaces. Designed to flex only very slightly at the working end, expect broken needles if used incorrectly.   Compared to regular sewing needles, felting  needles are relatively brittle. Needles should go in and out at the same angle. Avoid hitting armatures or anything solid. Using fine needles on densely felted items can cause breakages as well as deep jabbing of the needle. As with any felting needles, avoid flexing the end of the reverse felting needle or using it to move fibre sideways or with any lateral force.

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Dimensions5 × 1 × 1 cm

40G Reverse x 2 pcs, 40G Reverse x 10 pcs, 40G Reverse x 50 pcs, 40G Reverse x 100 pcs