Prefelt – Natural White / metre




Natural white prefelt created from extra fine 19 micron merino wool. Multiple units ordered  will be sent as one continuous piece. With a width of 150 cm, it weighs around 115gm /m2 or 170gms per linear metre (=1.5 sq metres). Using pre-felt speeds up the process of  felting by eliminating time consuming layouts.

As a non woven and partially felted fabric, prefelt does not have enough inherent strength on its own as a traditional fabric and needs to be felted. The partial felting connects the wool fibres firmly enough to allowing handling and cutting of the fabric.  Apart from use as a felting base for clothing, cutting it into shapes creates wonderful graphic effects. One can also add lightweight open-weave fabrics and fibres before completing the felting. Perfect for wet and needle felting as well as dyeing with acid or natural dyes.

All wool used comes from flocks free of mulesing practices. Made from merino sourced from Australia and South America and carefully selected to ensure consistent ongoing quality. Folded for shipping, creases disappear when used. If stored for any length of time, rolling the fabric round a tube will eliminate them almost entirely.

Prefelt vs Batts

Batts made from wool fibre and wool prefelts differ quite markedly. It gets confusing if a workshop or project materials list doesn’t specify requirements exactly. Even tutors sometime refer to a needle felted batt while actually referring to either one, so best to double check.

Wool batting or wool batts have been cleaned and carded. They come in big bulky sheets with the fibres running in all directions and an almost fluffy appearance like these Bergschaf batts . Generally used in clumps or pieces pulled from the batt, laid down and then felted.

Being partially felted sheets, prefelts differ markedly even when using the same wool fibre. Much thinner and fabric like in appearance they can be machine or handmade. Sometimes also called needle punched prefelts, the production of commercial prefelt requires machines with huge beds of needles that entangle and flatten the fibres.


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