Pencil roving – Autumn Rhythm




pencil roving specificationsVariegated black, grey, tan and white pencil roving  made from 100% extra fine merino – 19 micron.  This super soft and light yarn is thin roving with a slight twist. Easy to use with knitting needles or crochet hooks, spinning or weaving. Untwist to use as pencil roving as a design feature in wet felting and nuno felting. This bulky yarn also suits needle felting or washing machine felting.

organic textile standard merino wool



Pencil yarn weight is 5 – Bulky
Length: about 120 meters for 100 gr / 131 yards for 3.5 oz
Care:  Hand wash at 30 degrees C.

This variegated pencil roving is organic and complies with the GOTS certification – Global Organic Textile Standard.


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