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For small and delicate projects, the Clover needle felting pen suits small and delicate projects. For use with 1, 2 or 3 needles in direct applique, 3D designs or felting moulds. Pen includes 3 fine needles for use individually  for delicate work, 2 for creating lines and 3 for a quick overall finish. Felt with ease with the comfortable ‘pen’ grip of this felting needle holder and adjust the length of the needles according to your project. Triple needles  provide 3 points of contact  & speeds up the needle felting process.

Handy when using natural fibres,  for joining yarns or pencil roving for knitting, felting or crochet.  When using the pen, ensure needles go in and out in the same direction / angle. Forcing or bending felting needles causes them to break.

The included mould guard assists when using needle felting moulds. Available moulds include a Butterfly, Daisy or Rabbit with clover design.

This needle felting pen can be used with a needle felting mat or pad or directly on to your project.
Caution : Not suitable for children. Take care when handling the needles as the points are very sharp.

Suitable materials: Wool roving,   felt sheets (min 50% wool), viscose fibre and wool yarn.

Recommended base fabrics for applique when using a pen style needle felting tool : Medium to thick wool fabric, felt sheets (min 50% wool), medium to thick cotton etc. Not for use with delicate materials such as silk or synthetic fabric (due to tighter weave). Test fabric before using.

When required, replace needles with our felting needles,  Fine or Medium recommended.
Detailed instructions enclosed. Made in Japan for Clover Manufacturing.

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Weight0.075 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

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