Mini hand carders – 2 x Fibre blenders


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Mini hand carders sold in pairs – a handy felting tool for blending small amounts of fibre.  Use them to card small amounts of wool roving or mixed fibres to create new colours or highlights for needle felting projects. Embedded in rubber, the angled wire pins and comfortable moulded handle make them easy to hold and use.  Limited stock.

Great for blending our 10gm sampler packs of wool roving. Add viscose and other fibres for unique colours & textures. Useful singly as a flicker for fluffing up yarn bits, small  areas & opening wool locks. They can also be used for cleaning hard to reach places in  larger carders.


  • Length – 12cm
  • Metal plate area  6.0cm x 4.5cm
  • Area of pins 4.5cm x 2.5cm

These mini hand carders are not suitable for heavy duty use. Made in China

How to use hand carders

Apart from numerous YouTube videos about how to use them, this article provides some good basic guidance – How to use hand carders