Margilan silk gauze – Turquoise *

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Fairly solid turquoise colour throughout, with minimal variations.
Margilan silk gauze is a very open weave silk scrim hand loomed in Uzbekistan and hand dyed in Perth, Australia. Fantastic for a variety of nuno felting techniques and other fibre applications like paper making, textile collage etc. Width 80-85cm, with an equivalent weight of 2.5 momme – about 8gm per metre. As the lightest silk fabric available, it also has a wonderful lustre. Sometimes referred to as Uzbek silk, butterfly silk or gossamer silk gauze. Can be used for a variety of textile / fibrecrafts. Coldwash only, with minimal or no detergent. Heat and alkalinity can affect the stability of the acid dyes used to dye silk. This may cause some bleeding of colour when warm to hot water and / or soap is used – most noticeably on dark or deep colours * Please note fibres on this colour are more distressed due to the vigourous rinsing process. See example below.distressed margilan silk Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot guarantee colourfastness of these fabrics.


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