Margilan silk – scrim / rarefied gauze – Natural white 90cm wide




Margilan silk is a very open weave silk gauze hand-loomed in Uzbekistan. Beautiful for felting as decor, base fabric or textural nuno-felting. With an equivalent weight of 2.5 momme – about 8gm per metre, this silk scrim is the lightest silk fabric available. Margilan silk goes by other names such as Uzbek silk, butterfly silk or gossamer silk gauze. The silk has a subtle sheen that is more obvious with ironing after felting. Apparent flaws are the nature of this fabric due to its manual production where the weavers literally pull the threads from the cocoon by hand.

This delicate textile us suitable for a multitude of fibre crafts including paper making. The loose weave means the silk fibres move very easily, making it a wonderful surface embellishment for textile artisans.  As a result, this delicate silk is highly unsuitable for dressmaking. Use acid, fibre-reactive or natural dyes to dye Margilan / uzbek silk with shrinkage of 5-10% depending on technique used.

Besides natural silk, we offer a range of colours, Margilan silk pieces in 50cm and 2.5 metre lengths. The smaller pieces are ideal as surface decor or as an embellishment. The larger pieces are sufficient to create a wrap or long scarf.  After dyeing,  the fabric measures around 85cm wide. For a cheaper alternative fabric for nuno felting, see our hand dyed cotton scrim. Jazz up your wool roving with some viscose or try our Uniblends.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

50cm, 1 metre, 2.5 metres, 5 metres, 10 metres, 50 metres


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