Margilan silk gauze – Cerulean blue




Hand dyed blue margilan silk gauze with turquoise and royal blue variations. 100% sparse silk scrim, hand loomed in Uzbekhistan.

Sometimes referred to as rarefied or sparse silk gauze, Margilan silk scrim has a very open weave. At around 8 gm per metre, it is a a wonderfully flexible silk fabric for felting, lending itself to a variety of nuno felting techniques.  After dyeing, the width is around 85 cm and has an equivalent weight of 2.5 momme. Hand loomed in Uzbekistan, the threads move easily to the touch due to its delicate loose weave.  There are noticeable variations in the weave where the next cocoon thread has been introduced.

As well as being the lightest silk fabric available, Margilan silk also has a wonderful natural lustre. Apart for use In nuno felting as a base lining, in layers or scrunched, it is also useful for a variety of textile and fibre crafts. The fabric is particularly suitable for lightweight scarves and wraps. Not suitable for conventional garment making, except for embellishment.

Due to the loose weave, the silk snags easily, but these disappear in the felting process. Wash this blue margilan silk in cool to luke-warm water,  with minimal or no detergent. Heat and alkalinity can affect the stability of the  dyes used to dye the silk. This may cause some bleeding of colour when  hot water and / or soap is used – most noticeably on dark or deep colours. Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot absolutely guarantee colourfastness of these fabrics. Also available in natural white.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

0.5 metre, 1 metre, 2.5 metres, 5 metres, 10 metres


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