Irises – Wool tops 19 micron merino roving




Irises, a pink wool roving blend with shades of burgundy in extra fine merino wool tops for spinning or felting. This extra fine merino roving at 19 micron, felts very quickly and is soft and comfortable against the skin. Tops weight: approx. 23 g/m.   Tops length: approx 4 metres per 100g.

We endeavour to portray colours as accurately as possible, but these may vary according to the settings of your viewing device. If colour matching is critical to your project, please provide a pantone colour reference (U) and we will advise the closest match we have in our range of merino wool tops.

DHG wool roving

DHG wool comes from flocks in Australia and South America that are ‘Mulesing Free’, with meticulous selection to ensure and maintain consistency. Merino wool has the reputation of being one of the softest and finest of sheep wool available. Ranging from 11.5 micron, most merino wool is less than 24 micron. The length of  the staples can vary up to 100 mm (4 in), ideal wool tops for spinning as well as felting.  With origins in Spain in the 12th century, further refining of the breed took place in New Zealand and Australia at the end of the 18th century. Dyeing of the fibre complies with the Oeko – Tex Standard 100 so it is free of harmful substances. The dyeing house has the Global Organic Textile Standard 5.0 and GRS certification. The eco-sensitive dyeing process also includes the use of recycled water and low impact to the environment.


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