Felting needles – 2 pcs – Stainless steel




Made of stainless steel, these felting needles come in 4  sizes for needle felting. Sold in pairs in a plastic clear cylinder with stopper, they have small barbs which catch the scales of the fibre when stabbed through wool. A dry felting technique, continuous stabbing encourages the fibre to matt together, eventually creating a solid felt. Use a bigger needle initially, working up to a fine one for final surface detail as the fibre hardens. Made in Germany, stainless steel needles do not require oiling like iron needles that rust.

Needles sizes

Fine needles: for use with fibres less than 20 microns, such as extra fine merino, yak and cashmere. Suitable for creating fine detail and neat surfaces.
Medium needles: suitable for wool fibre 20 – 30 microns like our 22.5 micron natural wool roving or Corriedale. A good general purpose needle.
Medium-size star needles: also suitable for 20 – 30 micron fibre, but have a unique star structure with barbs on all 4 sides, making needle felting more efficient. Good for firm felting of main parts of 3D work and initial detail.
Thick needles: best used with coarse wool over 30 microns such as Bergschaf wool carded batts. A stronger needle for initial base felting and attaching of pieces. Not suitable for creating details or a smooth surface.

Other than wool in the form of roving or batts, a host of other fibres can be incorporated when needle felting, including our viscose roving (plant fibre). For use individually or in a handle or holder that holds one or multiple felting needles. The needles are sharp and can cause injury or break if not used with care. Avoid twisting, bending or changing the angle when stabbing in and out.  Working over armatures of wire will blunt the needle more quickly and working on some kind of needle felting mat is recommended.

Additional information

Weight.025 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

Fine, Medium, Medium-Star, Thick, All 4 sizes – 8 needles


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