Felting needles 36G – Coarse – from 2pcs

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36 Gauge coarse felting needles.  A sturdy needle with 3 evenly spaced barbs on each of the 3 edges of this triangular needle.  Good for developing shapes, joining felt but not for fine work.  Generally more suitable for use with more coarse fibre, greater than 30micron. For use individually on their own, with a felting needle  holder or a needle felting pen that holds 1-3 felting needles.  Made from steel to European standards with a length of 7.6cm / 3 inches.

The barbs on the felting needle in conjunction with the continuous stabbing motion, encourage the fibre to matt together until a solid felt forms. When using felting needles, stab straight into and then out of the fibre in the same direction. Avoid wiggling or angling  the needle when penetrating the fibre to avoid possible breakage. Use foam or a felting mat to protect your work surface.  Felting needles are sharp, so please keep away from children. Wipe dry before storage if needle comes into contact with damp fibre.

Felting needle sizes

The gauge of a felting needle refers to the thickness of the needle shaft. The higher the number, the smaller the thickness /diameter of the needle. Fine 40 gauge felting needles make barely discernible holes , while a 32 gauge needle will create larger holes.   To speed up the initial process of needle felting, use a larger or lower gauge needle. Work up to a finer needle with a higher gauge for final finishing touches.

Additional information

Weight.025 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

2 needles, 10 needles, 50 needles, 100 needles


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