Cocoon strippings – 25g


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Cocoon strippings are gummy silk fibres from around the outside of the silk cocoon. The fibres form a framework for the silk worm to spin the cocoon and consist of slightly thicker and shorter fibres. They contain sericin which is the gum that coats the silk fibres, allowing them to stick to each other.  In their unprocessed state, they have a natural an off-white / cream colour. The strippings contain a lot more sericin than other silk fibres, so this natural gum or glue makes creating silk paper quick and easy.
To make silk paper:

  • Lay out a thin layer of fibre on baking paper or parchment.
  • Add other coloured natural fibres such as viscose , or synthetic ones like angelina.
  • Spray lightly with water and cover with another sheet of baking paper, iron until dry.
  • When the sheet is cool, you can cut, paint, stamp, machine or hand stitch the ‘silk paper’ for inclusion in textile and mixed media projects.

Images show quantity in each 25gm bag  of gummy cocoon strippings.


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