Uzbek Silk gauze – Lake

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Lake – a variegated  green /  blue  Uzbek silk gauze 100% silk with a width of 65cm.

The width of 65cm makes this silk gauze ideal for making nuno felted scarves in particular.  Using this versatile narrower width makes one table felting a lot easier. Perfect for making scarves as the lengthwise selvedge creates a ready made edge. Having similar lustre to Paj or 5 momme habotai, it produces more subtle rouching than these other fabrics. Scrunching or layering this silk gauze produces some wonderful textural results.  The drape-ability of this fabric  makes it perfect for nuno or laminated felting, especially for wearables. Hand dyeing of this fabric creates subtle nuances enhancing the addition of wool fibre.  The delicate nature of this fabric makes it unsuitable as a stand alone fabric for dressmaking, but has many embellishing possibilities. A wonderfully sheer silk for using in other textile applications.

Uzbek silk gauze for felting

Still extremely light, it is approximately the same weight as Chinese silk chiffon gauze at around 3.5 momme. While the latter has a matte finish, the Uzbek silk retains the natural sheen of the silk. With a slightly looser weave, pulling a thread and cutting along the line is advisable when requiring a straight edge. Not to be confused with Margilan silk gauze / scrim which also comes from Margilan in Uzbekistan. Uzbek silk is a slightly heavier and more substantial silk gauze.  Margilan silk refers to the lightest of silks and is a sparse, rarefied gauze. The factory in Margilan,  produces the bulk of Uzbekhistan’s silk using traditional methods.

Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing of this blue uzbek silk gauze, we cannot 100% guarantee colourfastness of the silk. In particular, there may be slight colour loss if using hot water. If critical to your project, test by ironing damp fabric between 2 pieces of absorbent paper towel.


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