Bergschaf wool – Natural grey carded batt




Bergschaf wool batt – Natural grey.

A coarse wool of around 30 microns, Bergschaf is a strong wool useful for felting projects like boots, rugs, vessels and bags. The Bergschaf sheep breed comes from the mountains of Austria and adjacent areas of Italy.

Batts come in sheets with the fibres all blended together, eliminating the need for directional layouts. Because the batts consist of fibres meshed together in all directions, they are especially quick to use for laying out different shapes and sizes.  Carefully separating layers of the batt allows layouts to be as thick or thin as you like.  By pulling sections from the batt, filling holes or thin areas is a breeze. Bergschaf tends to be a little hydrophobic at first, so adding more soap and or water may be necessary. It has quite a spongy feel to it in the initial stages of felting, but thereafter is quick to felt.

The short fibre makes it perfect for  use as a core wool for needle felting. The carded wool can be used to spin rustic yarns. Despite washing before carding, some vegetable matter may be evident. Besides Bergschaf wool batt in natural grey,  natural white and natural brown carded batts are also available. Also suitable for use as a natural stuffing. This wool is carefully selected and processed by DHG to ensure constant quality over time.

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg


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