Ball Brauser – Pink


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The Ball Brauser is a felting tool that is indispensable to felt makers allowing around 200 ml of water or soap solution to be sprinkled on your felting project quickly and evenly. The ball or bulb of the brauser is squeezed to expel any air, and the spout then is placed in the liquid. As pressure on the ball is released, liquid is drawn up, and then squeezed as required to create a fine spray over your wool fibres. Numerous holes in the head allow for the even distribution of water or soap solution onto your felt. For large pieces of work, having a ball brauser in each hand speeds up the process of wetting out. The bulb is made of high quality PVC which is thick enough to protect your hands if using hot water. It does not contain any harmful substances.  The bulb will detach from the metal spout for easy cleaning if required. Ball Brausers are more commonly used for watering Bonsai plants and seedlings.


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