Wool tops

Wool tops (roving)  available include  Merino and Corriedale as well as various fibre blends and weight options.

wool tops
Merino wool tops 19micron solid colours
wool tops colour blend
Merino tops colour blends – 19 micron
wool viscose tops
50/50 Merino & viscose tops
wool top merino 22 micron
Merino top 22.5micron
wool silk top
Silk & merino tops – colour blends
corriedale wool top
Corriedale top – 27micron

What are wool tops?

Wool top is raw wool that has been processed into a soft rope of fibre.  The process removes short fibres and foreign matter. The smooth sliver produced consists of a continuous strand of wool fibre with a constant weight per unit length. As the fibres are parallel to each other, the top can be split lengthwise into thinner pieces or gently pulled apart. They are used for wet felting, needle felting, hand spinning, weaving, giant knitting and other textile craft.

How are wool tops made?

wool top bundles
Wool top bundles

To create wool tops, raw wool or fleece is scoured, carded,  combed and then gilled.

  • Scouring – The raw wool is scoured by washing and agitating the raw wool fibre at high temperature. A small percentage of lanolin remains.
  • Carding – Separates tangled lumps of fibre created during the scouring process. Some short fibres and most organic residues are removed. After partial alignment and intermixing, a continuous web of fibre is produced.
  • Combing – Mechanical combing removes short fibres, small lumps and foreign matter still present after carding. Combing aligns the fibre in one direction.
  • Gilling – After combing, the fibre undergoes further processing in a gilling machine to blend, align and ensure even linear weight.

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Showing 1–28 of 169 results