DHG Viscose

DHG viscoseDHG viscose roving, made from regenerated wood pulp and dyed to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS certifications. Suitable for wet felting, needle felting, hand weaving and spinning.  Easy to use, these combed viscose tops (sliver) weigh around 25g/m, 4 metres per 100gm and available in over 45 colours.

As an economical and non-static alternative to silk rovings, DHG viscose adds lustre to any fibre art project.  Adding viscose to felted items reduces pilling and adds strength. However, unlike wool fibre, viscose fibres do not felt on their own.

See our exclusive  UNIBLEND 50/50 range of extra fine merino and viscose roving for a unique combination of these 2 fibres.  We offer Bundles in various colourways and size options. For more information, tips and techniques, see  how to use viscose tops / roving.

Manmade and not synthetic, DHG viscose is extruded from the cellulose pulp of wood from eco-sustainable forests.

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Showing 1–28 of 80 results