Uniblends - Wool viscose roving

wool viscose roving The wool viscose roving ‘Uniblend’ range brings animal and plant fibre together in a harmonious mix. Blended rovings of extra fine merino and viscose combine to create a unique and luxurious felting product.  Around 2metres per 50gm and super soft. The viscose component adds sheen and another dimension to felting, spinning, weaving and even dreadlocks! Exclusively created for Unicorn Fibres from 50%  extra-fine 19 micron merino wool rovings and 50% plant based viscose fibre.
Uniblends have the feel & appearance of wool/silk blends. Highly suitable for one directional layouts, as used in cobweb felting. Unidirectional layouts maximise the effect of the colour variations. Using the Uniblend  roving as the top layer of a project with a solid colour underneath, retains the natural marbling and bands of colour. Great for making interesting felted cords and balls with a marbled look. Varying the layout method when felting with this wool viscose roving produces a variety of effects. Uniblends can also be used as a wonderfully soft fibre for spinning  fine or chunky art yarns.

closeup uniblend layout

wool viscose for spinning

wool viscose variegated scarfuniblend wool viscose cord and ball