Viscose fibre

Viscose roving plant fibre

Viscose roving is fibre made from wood pulp. This plant fibre has a wonderful glossy lustre and is  a cost effective alternative to silk tops or roving.  Unlike silk, there is no static when using the fibre, which makes it less fiddly to use. Combing of the viscose tops or sliver after dyeing makes it easy to draft for felting or spinning.

Sometimes referred to as artificial silk, one can use viscose tops to make faux silk paper, in paper making and a variety of fibre disciplines. As well as embellishing in ‘clouds’ or strands for subtle areas of sheen,  using it all over creates a sheen that you don’t get with wool alone. While the fibres themselves will not felt, their addition to felt adds strength and helps reduce pilling.

Viscose tops weigh approximately 25 gm/m and are 19 micron which marries well with our 19 micron wool. We stock the whole range of 28 colours. Professionally dyed by Dyeing House Gallery, the tops are also organic and comply with GOTS – the Global Organic Textile Standard.  Not only does a little fibre go a long way, it is also eco-friendly and vegan!

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