Undyed Fibre & Fabric

The range of undyed fabric and fibre includes naturally coloured wool such as Bergschaf as well as the more familiar natural white. All can be dyed using the appropriate dyeing technique.

We stock undyed merino wool rovings from 16 to 22.5 micron, pre-yarn, cheese waste and a wool /silk blend. These are all slightly off-white, not a pure snow white. Our natural Bergschaf comes in white, grey and brown.

Undyed fabrics include Margilan and Uzbek silk gauze which take acid and fibre reactive dyes equally as well. The natural colour is slightly off-white, but not as much as natural wool roving, so dyeing results are more true.

The cotton scrim has been whitened and has not been prepared for dyeing. Sizing needs to be removed before dyeing with a dye suitable for cellulose.

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