Uzbek Silk Gauze

See  our Margilan silk  range for the lightest silk gauze for felting. The  slightly heavier weight Uzbek silk  is currently not available. For an economical alternative, try our hand dyed cotton scrim  for nuno-felting with some viscose roving for additional sheen.

Our 65cm wide Uzbek silk gauze is heavier than Margilan silk scrim, with a tighter weave, but the same lustre. It also comes from Margilan, but only the lightest silk scrim is referred to as Margilan silk. A great silk for felting, Uzbek gauze has the weight of tissue silk, a Chinese silk gauze or chiffon. The sheen resembles that of Paj, Pongee or 5 momme habotai silk. It weighs approximately 11gm/metre.

The straight lines seen in the weft of the fabric at random intervals indicate where the next thread of silk has started. The filament has been loomed straight from the cocoon and woven using traditional methods. Not as loose a weave as Margilan rarefied gauze and  with less  imperfections generally.

This fabric is the best of both worlds being more substantial than scrim, but easier for wool fibre to penetrate than other silks. The narrower width of 65cm makes it an excellent fabric for nuno felted scarves. Not suitable for dressmaking however, as sewing  and cutting this lightweight fabric is difficult.

Available colours are constantly changing due to the hand dyeing process. We will be adding new colours on a regular basis.

This silk  dyes beautifully with acid, fibre reactive or natural dyes.  More stock of natural silk in this width coming soon.

Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot guarantee colourfastness of these fabrics.

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