Silk for felting

Our silk for felting  suits a variety of uses but is particularly good for nuno felting.  Use as a base fabric, scrunch or layer for a wonderful addition to wet felting.   In addition to our very popular Margilan silk scrim, we also have a slightly heavier weight Uzbek silk gauze . Both are available in their natural slightly off-white colour as well as a range of hand dyed colours.

From Uzbekshistan, this silk for felting differs markedly from Chinese silk fabrics.  Both the Margilan silk scrim and silk gauze have a wonderful natural sheen, unlike the matte finish of a chiffon or georgette type of fabric. Traditional weaving methods create a very open loose weave in the Margilan silk. With a slightly more dense weave, Uzbek gauze is less fragile.

Silk fabrics are surprisingly strong but washing should be done in cool to lukewarm water with minimum detergent. Colour loss from the dyeing process occurs sometimes when  using hot water or microwaving. High alkalinity has the same effect. Ironing while damp restores the natural sheen and eliminates wrinkles more easily. Ironing nuno felted items is beneficial too.

Undyed Margilan silk and silk gauze can be dyed using a variety of dyes and techniques. 

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Showing all 27 results