Pencil roving yarn

pencil roving specifications Pencil roving or pencil yarn for felting, weaving and spinning as well as an art yarn.

pencil roving merino

This fibre is a thin, super soft 19 micron merino roving,  with a slight twist.   Ideal for use in wet felting, nuno felting and needle felting.

Because of the slight twist in the roving, this bulky yarn is easy to crochet or knit. As the yarn weight is 5, see appropriate needle sizes  shown in the specifications along with care instructions. For minimal shrinkage, hand wash at 30 °C or below. Intentional or not, this roving will felt in a washing machine!

Use as a surface embellishment in felting as it is with the slight twist, or untwist for a flatter and straight effect. After untwisting, this pencil roving is not quite as thick as a pencil, but is much bulkier than thin pencil yarn or preyarn.

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Showing all 6 results