Needle felting tools

Our needle felting tools include holders and felting needles in various sizes, foam mats,   needle felting pens, needle felting awls, moulds and mini carders. Made of steel, felting needles come in pairs or bulk packs.

Fine felting needles – 40 gauge: for use with fibres less than 20 microns. Suitable for creating fine detail and neat surfaces.
Medium felting needles – 38 gauge: suitable for wool fibre 20 – 30 microns like our 22.5 micron natural wool roving or Corriedale. A good general purpose needle.
Medium-size star felting needles – 38 gauge : also suitable for 20 – 30 micron fibre, but have a unique star structure with barbs on all 4 sides, making needle felting more efficient.
Thick felting needles – 36 gauge: best used with coarse wool over 30 microns such as Bergschaf wool carded batts. A stronger felt needle for initial base felting and attaching of pieces. Not suitable for creating details or a smooth surface.

Requiring few needle felting tools  for this form of dry felting, a rigid foam mat is beneficial. Needle felting foam mats or pads  reduce breakage of felting needles & protect your work surface. Made from expanded polyurethane, these dense foam pads feel like hard sponge with high resilience & durability. As a handy underlay for needle felting, the rigidity of the foam also makes needle felting easier, especially for extended periods.

See our wool roving selection for handy 10gm sampler packs of delicious extra-fine merino.  For structural elements, our coloured Maori wool batts (27micron) or Bergschaf batts (+/-30micron)are also ideal as a needle felting wool.

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Showing all 16 results