Hand dyed fabric

Our unique range of hand dyed fabric for felting includes silk gauze and cotton scrim. Dye runs are small, making every colour ‘one of a kind’. The nature of the dyeing process results in variegation of colours and their hue. Even colours that appear solid, have some variation. Most of our fabrics are pre-cut to 2.5 metre (2.75 yds) which suits making a nuno felted scarf or wrap. Smaller pieces are also sometimes available. We specialise in open weave and sheer fabrics that suit nuno felting.
Silk Gauze / Scrim
The silk we dye is hand loomed in Margilan in Uzbekhistan, in 2 weights. Being very sheer, open weave and lightweight, both are very suitable for nuno felting. Margilan rarefied silk gauze, is the lightest silk available and equivalent to less than 2.5 momme. Slightly heavier Uzbek silk gauze equates to around 3.5 momme or less. A light gauze with the sheen of Paj / Pagent / 5 momme habotai. Both silks retain their sheen after felting, unlike silk chiffon or georgette. The lustre of the silk enhances the colour variation in hand dyed fabric.
Cotton Gauze / Scrim
Our hand dyed fabric includes cotton scrim – a very open weave gauze cheesecloth.  Used for a variety of textile techniques as well as nuno felting. As with the silk gauzes we dye, colour variations are part of the hand dyeing process.

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