Felting Tools

We carry useful & essential felting tools for wet and dry felting.  Ball brausers – a handy gadget for wet felting: Needle felting foam pads and needles: and our most recent addition – Needle felting kits.

Ball brauser – Water sprinkler

ball brausersBall brausers allow quick and even distribution of the felting solution in a fine spray onto a fibre layout. Made of durable PVC and comfortable to use for extended periods. Holds up to 200ml of soap solution and currently available in green and dark pink. A couple of these ‘felting pears’ in each hand, make short work of wetting out large projects.

needle felting toolsNeedle felting tools

Dry or needle felting refers to the method of using felting needles to agitate wool fibre to make it compact or integrate with other fibres. Felting needles have specially notches to encourage the tangling of the fibres. Completely different to regular sewing needles,  they come in different sizes  with a small right angle piece at the top to hold it. Being very sharp, foam bases offer protection of your work surface (and body parts!)

needle felting kits animalsNeedle felting kits

New from DHG, these 4 animal themed kits contain all you need to create a needle felted item.  Suitable for beginners or as a gift, the kits come with instructions, needles, pad and wool fibre.

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Showing all 13 results