Margilan silk gauze

Margilan silk  gauze is a very open weave silk scrim,  hand loomed in Margilan, in  Uzbekistan.   The  apparent irregularities of the weave is due to the rustic method of production. As a result, this silk gauze or scrim is almost transparent. Other names for this fabric is ‘Rarefied’ or ‘Sparse’ silk gauze.

Due to the loose weave, this fabric is an ideal silk for felting. It has textural and layering possibilities as well as other fibre applications like paper making & textile collage. Margilan is a wonderful silk gauze for nuno felting.

With a width of up to 90cm,  we stock the lightest silk available at 2.5 momme & around 8 gm per metre. It has a delicate lustre unlike some other lightweight gauze, chiffon and organza.

The natural silk we sell is slightly off white and dyes well with fibre reactive, natural or acid dye. We hand dye the silk here in Perth, Australia in a range of colours.

Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot guarantee colourfastness of these fabrics.

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