Cotton scrim

Cotton scrim fabric has a very loose open weave which is easy to distress, fray and manipulate. Often used as a cotton gauze for felting, it weighs around 15gm/m – a Grade 10 Cheesecloth with a thread count of 20 x 12 threads per square inch. The rustic weave, occasional slubs and irregularities makes this cotton gauze an ideal felting fabric for nuno-felting.

Cotton scrim / gauze adds great texture in a variety of other textile applications, paper making, mixed media and scrap-booking. Scrunch, tear, stretch, cut or layer the scrim for a wide variety of effects.

Also handy for use as a photo prop for baby photos. Not suitable for making garments other than for embellishing.

Despite thorough rinsing after hand dyeing, we cannot absolutely guarantee the colourfastness of this cotton gauze.

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Showing all 22 results