Carded wool

Carded wool for needle felting, wet felting and spinning in a variety of options. Coloured batts 27 to 30 micron in Corriedale & melange blends. Specifically created for needle felting, the Maori range is a blend of 27 micron Corriedale  / NZ wools.  Unlike wool roving, carded batts resemble a fluffy blanket. with the fibres going in all directions. The intermingled fibres make needle felting faster and using these wool batts for wet felting, saves a lot of layout time. Excellent for bags, slippers, vessels and lampshades. Not suitable for wearables like scarves, due to the more coarse nature of the wool compared to merino. Wool batts are suitable for spinning as well as felting.  As a core wool, the natural batts also provide an economical choice.