Bergschaf wool carded batts in natural colours of white, grey and brown. With coarse wool of up to 33 microns, the Bergschaf sheep breed comes from the mountains of Austria and adjacent areas of Italy. Particularly useful for making structural projects, this strong wool suits the making of rugs, vessels, boots and bags.  The carded batts are quick to layout and the wool is fast to felt.

Being a strong wool, Bergschaf wool is easier to use in the form of a batt rather than roving. After opening up the batt, you can separate it into thinner layers and use it as required. The batts make the felting process quicker as the need for directional laying out of the fibre is eliminated. Despite washing before carding, some vegetable matter may remain and can be seen in the fibre. This disappears during the felting process.

Being a high micron wool, it can overpower other finer wool like an extra-fine merino or special effect fibres. However, this can also produce some really interesting and subtle effects in your felting. Besides wet felting, DHG Bergschaf wool batts suits other techniques such as needle felting and spinning.

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