Ball Brauser

Ball brausers available in dark fuschia pink, yellow and green. A ball brauser is a water sprinkler that is ideal for wet felting, allowing you to wet the working surface evenly and quickly. Due to its shape, the other name for a ball brauser is a felting pear. Comfortable to use over long periods of time and especially handy when working on large projects.

To fill the water sprinkler, squeeze the ball or bulb  and place the spout in the soap solution or water. Releasing  pressure on the ball allows the, liquid to be drawn up, resulting in a fine spray. Numerous holes in the head allow for the even distribution of water or soap solution onto your work. For large pieces of work, having a ball brauser in each hand speeds up the process of wetting out.

Chromed gold-plated copper spout

The capacity of the ball of the felting sprinkler is around 200ml. Measurements: about 9 cm in diameter, 18 cm in height. The bulb will detach from the metal spout for easy cleaning if required. These water sprinklers for felting are made of high quality PVC  with a chrome spout. They do not contain harmful substances. Besides being easy to use, they are also suitable for children and not necessarily for felting! The more common use for a ball brauser is for watering Bonsai plants and seedlings.

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Showing all 3 results