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Based in Perth, we ship felting supplies Australia wide and overseas.  Unicorn Fibres specialises in quality felting wool and related felting products for nuno and wet felting. Our fibre and fabrics also suit other fibre crafts such as spinning, textile art, paper &  doll making.   Main felting materials include wool roving, viscose fibre, Margilan silk gauze & cotton scrim gauze. In addition, we carry other felting accessories, tools, interesting embellishments and gift cards too.

Fibre for feltingfelting supplies Australia - wool roving for felting

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Our felting wool is predominately extra fine Australian merino which is very soft against the skin and therefore highly suitable for wearables. While we specialise in merino roving that is 19 micron or less, we also stock Bergschaf wool batts, pre-yarn & pencil roving.  Dyeing House Gallery dye all the fibre to the Oeko-Tex and GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard. Free of harmful chemicals and carcinogenics, the process is safe for us and the environment.

This means it contains no toxic chemicals is non-toxic it is safe for children and babies. Combing of the wool roving after dyeing makes the wool easy to draft. As an official re-seller for DHG – Dyeing House Gallery, we carry wool tops / roving in over 100 colours.

A new felting product to Australia is viscose fibre for felting. Viscose roving is a plant fibre made from wood pulp. and at 19 micron is very compatible with our extra-fine wool roving. As well as coordinating with our wool colours, our viscose fibre is also available in a palette of 35 colours.  Adding viscose during felt making not only adds a wonderful sheen, but also adds  strength and reduces pilling.  Although a plant fibre, viscose has the same visual characteristics as silk fibre but is much more economical. Unlike silk fibre, viscose is easier to use as there is no static and can be used like silk for other projects too – eg to make ‘silk paper’.  Fibre reactive dyes can be used to dye viscose as it is a cellulose fibre as well as natural dyes. Viscose is a relatively new felting product in Australia.

Fabric felting suppliesFelting supplies Australia Margilan silk gauzecotton scrim gauze felting supplies australia

Our felting supplies include sheer open weave silk and cotton gauzes for nuno felting. Margilan Silk Rarefied Gauze is the lightest silk fabric available at 2.5 momme and weighs around 8 gm /m. Excellent for nuno felting, this silk scrim has a very open weave and is excellent for nuno felting. The weave is loose, making it a very delicate fabric that distresses at the slightest touch. Uzbek silk gauze is slightly heavier with the look of Paj silk, and the weight of tissue silk or 3.5 momme silk chiffon / georgette. Both are woven using traditional methods in Uzbekistan and dyed in Australia. Available in natural white, we also hand dye Margilan & Uzbek silk in a range of colours. See samples of how this silk gauze can be used to make scarves and wraps.

Also available in hand dyed or natural white, Cotton gauze / scrim is a cheaper option for nuno felting than silk fabrics.  Due to its loose weave, it is also a useful fabric for sculpture, paper making and creating texture. The softness and light weight of this fabric, lends itself to a variety of manipulation techniques.

Other Felting Products

As well as Felting water sprinklers or Ball Brausers which are a wonderful aid to wet felting, we have needles and foam pads for needle felting.

We also offer gift cards, to any value you wish, with no expiry.

We will be extending our range on an ongoing basis to supply quality felting supplies Australia and worldwide.